fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約お気軽プラン
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約標準プラン
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約チョッといいプラン
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約温泉付き客室プラン
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約はなれプラン
fukushima Aizu Higashiyama Spa Mukaitaki 優先予約予約状況



会津東山温泉 向瀧 向瀧優先予約 「和」に漂う心地よさ、非日常のタイムスリップはこの玄関から始まる!



文化財の風が吹く 東山温泉 向瀧

文化財の風が吹く 東山温泉 向瀧 文化財の風が吹く 東山温泉 向瀧

文化財の風が吹く 東山温泉 向瀧

文化財の風が吹く 東山温泉 向瀧
Relaxing Japanese-style room, the Aizu of taste using the wonderfully delicious, is enjoy serving plan. Many of you your customers to say, the space of the tatami is so much settle down.
You can enter the rooms of your choice.
会津東山温泉 向瀧 優先予約 会津東山温泉 向瀧優先予約

  • The building was approved as a resistrated tangible cultural asset.
  • We will prepare the rooms overlooking the courtyard. Cherry blossoms season Yukimi candle.
  • Toilet seat with bidet functions.
  • Free WiFi
We Provide...
air-conditioning, electric kettle, cold water pot, TV, sewing kit, plaster, cotton swab, yukata(cotton wear), Haori(coat), tabi(socks), handwash, a safe, hair dryer.

  • Dinner is local and traditional food in Aizu. Generally 16 dishes.
  • Koinoumani kozuyu nishinnosansyozuke
  • Breakfast is mainly seasonal vegitables. Generally 11 dishes.
  • Rice in Aizu is must try! (Tastes sweetish!)
  • We serve dinner and breakfast to your room. Sometimes prepare another room for meal. That's depends.
  • We do not add chemical seasoning(MSG), artificial coloring・preservatives・sweeteners.
  • Our meal won the praise of many media.

  • Kitsuneyu, Sarunoyu,Private family bath( Tsutanoyu, Fukubenoyu, Suzunoyu).
  • 100% nature hot spring. Good for skin, keep your body warm.You can bathe all night long. It costs free.
  • In anyway good warm hot spring, your skin will be smooth.
  • Legs of pain, health of your skin, we have received a lot of voice and healed.
  • Etsuo Noguchi, Tadanori Matsuda, Isamu Gunji, who are Onsen experts,rave about our onsen.

  • Check in15:00,Check out10:00
  • Single charge 5,500 yen(with Tax)
Normal period Normal period Peak period
Weekday Before sunday & National holiday
1nigth2meals:1adult 29,850 yen 32,050 yen 35,350 yen
1nigth2meals:1child 20,790 yen 22,330 yen 24,640 yen
(with Tax)
東山温泉 向瀧 予約特典
  • This web site is the only way to book a room for one person.
  • You can choose one gift (Postcard, Sake, Bisyukako, Sakekasu, Candy, Cake) per person.
An example of a gift
(Picture postcard,Original sake about 1 cup,,,)

If you have any question, please call us! +81(242)27-7501
会津東山温泉 向瀧 優先予約 会津東山温泉 向瀧優先予約

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Plastic Resource
Recycling Promotion Law
The "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law", which came into force in April 2022, requires the lodging industry to reduce the use of toothbrushes, combs, razors, shower caps, etc. In order to protect the global environment in the future, please bring your own "my toothbrush" that you are used to using.

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