Superior_with Bath plan Booking form

Superior_with Bath plan Booking form 2023/04/01~2024/08/31 (consumption tax10%)
Tour dates, number of people, number of rooms
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★Infant stay is free, but if you wish a meal (infant's meal) and bedding,50% adulte rate.
infant (under 05) persons age(50% adulte rate)
Free infant (under 05) persons age(free)
お子さまプレート★Meals for infant
How many rooms? (Japanese style,without bath,with lavatory)
About cuisine This [Superior with Bath plan] is the cuisine content of the Superior plan.
If you wish to standard cuisine, please apply from [Standard with Bath plan].
Rate (auto)
(1 night including 2 meals, without TAX)
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2023/04/01~2024/08/31 (consumption tax10%)
(1 night including 2 meals, with TAX)
Furthermore, if the holiday is consecutive and, under this circumstances, the rate before the day of holiday will be treated as normal

normal 2023/04/01~2023/04/28   2023/05/07~2023/08/12   2023/08/17~2023/12/29
2024/01/04~2024/04/26   2024/05/07~2024/08/12   2024/08/17~2024/08/31  
weekdays rate
adult   27,650 Yen
the rate before Sunday & national holiday
adult   29,850 Yen
peak 2023/04/29~2023/05/06   2023/08/13~2023/08/16   2023/12/30~2024/01/03
2024/04/27~2024/05/06   2024/08/13~2024/08/16  
adult   32,050 Yen
room charge
For only one person used,plus 5,500 Yen
This is confirmation of booking.(auto)
Room Information
Hope of the room No,1
This plan is Mountain view only.

Please use a large public bath (2 gentlemen, 2 ladies) and family baths (3 places) with internal keys.
⇓   Special Order    ⇓ open
Special Order We have some special menu. Supplies are limited, so please order when you book a room.
It's famous local food in Aizu. Please enjoy with Karashi miso which is miso mixed with garlic and red pepper.
Rice cake, Fried tofu, Herring are grilled. Please enjoy with three types miso sauce.
STEAK   STEAK 250g  
Thick sliced steak.Thickness 3 cm, weight 250 g . Feedstuff is mixed yeast, so meat is very tender. Limited to 4 Servings a day .
STEAK   STEAK 100g  
Feedstuff is mixed yeast, so meat is very tender.
Please enjoy with special sauce(seaweed and soy-sauce).
Japanese Sake pour into grilled fish. It's a sort of soup. If you like sake, you should try it once!
Grilled natural catfish.It is as delicious as eel and its thickness is more than eel.
KOI-KOKU   KOI-KOKU(1Serving)  
Traditional carp soup (tastes miso) in Aizu. Stewed well long time
KOI-KOKU   KOI-KOKU(1carp)  
Traditional carp soup (tastes miso) in Aizu. Stewed well long time.(1carp/For 4~5People)
KOI-sugata   CARP SASHIMI (1carp)  
A whole fresh carp swimming in a clear stream Plenty of collagen and amino acids
Use Bisyukako's sake lees. Bisyukako is our original sake. Taste is little sweet, like Amazake.
Customer Information
Sex male female
Translations ? Train Taxi Private car Rental car Airplane Local bus Express bus Charter bus Motorcycle Bicycle Others

Car customers please. There is only space for about 5 cars in front of the entrance. Mukaitaki staff will move to the nearby Mukaitaki Private parking lot(40 cars) and park. (It is also possible to move by yourself.)
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15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00
⇓   Cake and bouquet for gifts   ⇓ open
For celebrations and anniversary guests, we accept orders for cakes and bouquets.
Decoration cake

Other customer information
Other customer information ●We have many steps in Mukaitaki, can you walk up & down?
●Do you have anything not favorable for meals ?
●Do you use a WiFi system,in your room?
●How many times have you stay here before?
●How do you know Mukaitaki?
●How do you Payment?
●Please write down your message if you have
Internet Special Gift
Internet Special Gift Please make your selection below.
We offer one of the following items if you make your reversation via internet.Please select the number of people for your stay.
Mukaitaki Bisyukako sake candy Mukaitaki Bisyukako sake candy
Mukaitaki Bisyukako sake cake Mukaitaki Bisyukako sake cake
Mukaitaki Bisyukako 1 glass Mukaitaki Bisyukako 1 glass
Mukaitaki Bisyukako sakekasu Mukaitaki Bisyukako sakekasu
Japanese SAKE(hot) Japanese SAKE(hot)
Mukaitaki Picture postcard Mukaitaki Picture postcard
Passport Number
Passport Number
Passport Number
Passport Number
Passport Number
Passport Number
Passport Number
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Privacy policy We will recognize the importance of your personal information as confidential information and strive for appropriate protection. In addition, collection methods and usage methods are within the scope of business activities (such as inquiries and inquiries, questionnaires and after-sales service) We do it by lawful and fair means. In addition, information management is not entrusted to third parties.
⇓   Please bring your own "my toothbrush"   ⇓ open
Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law The "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law", which came into force in April 2022, requires the lodging industry to reduce the use of toothbrushes, combs, razors, shower caps, etc. In order to protect the global environment in the future, please bring your own "my toothbrush" that you are used to using.
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